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On the cusp of a new era in digital advertising, Moon Media is committed to delivering incredible imagery and interactivity for retail locations, online platforms and major events. We are pioneers in the field of holographic projections in the digital-out-of-home industry.

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Utilizing cutting-edge displays that captivate and inspire

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Technical innovation and falling costs mean holograms will likely be used by retailers in the next decade to personalize the shopping experience and create a virtual environment.

-- Brian David Johnson, Intel Corporation --

Who We Are

We like to think of ourselves as visionaries with outstanding ideas that make us unique in every sense.

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A brand is the emotional and psychological relationship a company has with its customers. Strong brands elicit positive thoughts and captivate through popular forms of media. Finely tuned, organic ideas incorporated into a brand can evoke people to do things they wouldn't normally consider. Our primary focus is to change the way businesses communicate brand characteristics. With careful creative direction, technical prowess and a dedicated staff, we emphatically break the mold in visualization as we know it.

We continually employ the brightest minds in the industry to ensure your message resonates with a target audience in the current information environment. With your marketing platform maximized and return on investment (ROI) realized, our array of creative and technical advertising services aim to keep your brand and message in the hearts and minds of consumers after projects go live. Our engineers, partners, artists and consultants combine design, animation and technology to create inspiring interactive experiences for your target audience for augmented ROI.

Our Solutions

Technical and creative services backed up with years of experience by passionate people who are obsessed with telling your brand's story.

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What they're saying

  • "I would recommend without hesitation the services of Moon Media. Despite the young age of this company, it has demonstrated strong client service skills and true expertise in the advertising spectrum, specifically in digital networks and social media. As a large company, Air Canada works with a few marketing agencies but I found my experience with Moon Media's team very refreshing as it is working extremely hard to please its clients. I think you should do like me, and give these young and eager guys a chance to impress you."

    Eric Lauzon, Air Canada
  • "The team at Moon Media is very efficient at what it does. We hired these guys on an experiential awareness project, bridging physical displays with social interactivity, and they have been under intense supervision, always vigilant and proactive in the delivery and measured success of our campaign. They came up with sensible suggestions and did a great job for us."

    Anton Panaitesco, Mastodonte Interactive
  • "Moon Media is highly talented, energetic, innovative and in-tune with today's emerging media platforms. They listens to clients' needs and delivers great on-time results."

    Sarah Devereaux, IMG

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Moon Media helps agencies and brands link their stories to the positive buying decisions of real people.



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