Building an Online Shop for Your Business is a Wise Choice.

Now that online shopping is becoming more and more popular, lots of businesses tend to make the “dot com” move to sell their products. It can be a great solution if you can’t afford to actually open a physical store. Of course, the market has to be according to your target audience; if you’re going to sell plumbing articles, an online store is probably not the best option for your business.

Here’s a few reasons why it’s beneficial for you to have your products sold online:


In general, opening a business as an online store is much cheaper than a retail store front. Unlike a retail store front, there is no rent to pay or other utility bills directly related to the store, except for web hosting and technical support. You don’t have to decorate the inside of the store, purchase inside and outside display units and furniture that’s actually going to hold your products in place. You can also keep your employees to a minimum, especially if you can manage, develop and edit your website yourself. With an online store, your costs are directly related to your website, shipping and accepting online payments. Some of the fees to look into might include, web development of your site, management, design and hosting. Then again, if you can do most of that on your own, opening a store online is a very cheap venture.

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It has been proven in studies that consumers will pay significantly more for products they can view in person. For high-value items such as designer clothing, antiques, jewelry, furniture and cars, a retail storefront will appeal more to customers. It will generate a higher profit margin on individual items and bring more cash for the business. In addition to the price of items you can sell, you must consider the number of items you wish to sell. A retail store front will perform better for a business selling a select amount of products, while an online store may work better for a business that offers an extensive selection. 

You have to keep in mind that when opening your store, if people come to your online store and see that you’re selling 4 different things, they most probably will not let other people know about it, or browse extensively on your “store”. You need a large inventory of quite a good variety of articles. Therefore, your launching budget has to be taking consideration of your inventory in order to succeed in the “E-World”.

Look out for the Competition

First things first, always analyse the market for competition. Other websites might be selling the same products you want to sell, therefore it might be a very bad idea to try to take his clients from under his feet. Also, you might end up building an amazing website that will get no traffic and be stuck with all your inventory.

It’s much easier for an actual storefront to survey the area, determine the clientele surrounding it, and marketing the right way. The online market is often saturated with huge businesses who sell the same products, it is mostly a question of the site being known and having great traffic on it.

Just make sure that you make the right market analysis before launching. That is what MOON MEDIA is known to be strong at. Visit the main website Contact one of talented digital strategists and we will study the market to make sure your launch will be successful.

Online Stores


The key ingredient to build a great customer base is great marketing. This will give you the kick start your business really needs. Moon Media has the best marketing analysts and digital strategists to build a client base for your company.

From Social Media Marketing to Organic searches, we will bring clients to your business, Store front or Online shop.

A great ad campaign goes a long way for promoting and making a name for yourself. As well for already known companies, marketing is a great way to always stay one step ahead of the competition. Never underestimate the internet when it comes to advertising, we make sure that people come to you. More traffic equals more potential clients, and no business has enough clients.

On a final note, if you or a peer is looking into a new business venture, online or not, have a consultation with us to steer you in the right direction. We are here to make your business succeed. Nothing Less.

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